How to pay by M_G
How to pay by Money_Gram
Note: Money is send to a person, if you need to confirm the payment to MoneyGram, please do tell them the purpose of the payment is for family or friends.

1.Go to MoneyGram Website, choose your country, Sign Up or Log in your account firstly

2. In your account page, choose "Send Money or Pay Bills" to continue.

3. Enter receiver's first name, last name and country, choose "Cash Pickup" to continue.

4. Enter the amount, Choose your payment method to continue.

5. Enter your card information to complete the transfer.

6. Follow the website steps to finish the money transfer.

After you send the money, please return the Reference Number(8 digits) to complete the payment on here or simply return the info to email  or our Whatsapp +8613015743035.